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April 10th the Redondo Fun Factory installed 57 Bike Racks to help solve the problem of where to put ones Strand Cruiser after a nice ride to the pier. Plenty of bike space is now available so ride and have fun this summer.

The Shoe

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4/6/2013 ..... Time is running out and the contestants are gearing up for the April 14th Run-Off Election for Mayor and two City Council seats. All the races look close so your vote will matter. To find out your voting location go to http//

Don't forget ... Vote on April 14th!

Steve Shoemaker, Redondo Beach

3/13/2013 ..... With a unanimous vote, the Redondo Beach City Council directed city staff to continue working with CenterCal Properties as the city's exclusive negotiating partner for the Redondo Beach waterfront revitalization project. The vote was seen as an approval of the work CenterCal Properties has done on its vision of the waterfront.

The property makes up multiple acres of waterfront, including the Redondo Beach Pier, International Boardwalk and Redondo Beach Marina. The company's development plan was formed after multiple public workshops with input from residents. "Tonight marks the next step in the exciting revitalization of the Redondo Beach waterfront," Harbor, Business and Transit Director Pete Carmichael said at the beginning of the city's brief presentation introducing CenterCal CEO Fred Bruning. CenterCal's plan calls for open space and public areas; a market hall with restaurants and local businesses; more dining; retail and specialty shopping; a high-end, specialty movie theater with a full restaurant and bar; a boutique hotel; and office space for local professionals, according to Bruning.

3/10/2013 ..... I was down at the pier yesterday afternoon for the Festival of the Kite and it was a wonderful time. My son and I watched the kites for hours, Yo Yo demonstrations and the juicy Hot Dog contest. It was a great time.


Sally Mayes, Redondo Beach

3/3/2013 ..... We came from Santa Clara and discovered the Redondo Pier and Quality Seafood. We sat in the patio and had cracked crab, the best clam chouder and listened to the Mariachies. It was just a wonderful time. After lunch we went across the area and rode the Tilt-A-=Whirl and played some games. Delightful !

J. Ordonez, Santa Clara


2/28/2013 ..... The 39th Festival of the Kite is coming up quickly. It will be held this year on Sunday, March 10th on the Redondo Beach Pier. Starting at noon the festival will continue until 5pm with Prizes for Highest Flying Kite, Best Handmade Kite, Youngest Kite flyer and more.

Also on Sunday the 10th is the 7th Annual Craigs Hot Dog On A Stick Eating Contest at 3pm with a grand prize of $200.

J. Kito, Redondo Beach


2/27/2013 ..... Hi ... I'm Eric Coleman and I will be your next Mayor.

It's time for "fresh ideas" that haven't been mentioned by the other candidates. These include bringing back the historic Red Car trolley with a fleet of wheeled trolley cars running frequently to the South Bay Galleria, Artesia Business District, Riviera Village and The Pier-Boardwalk.

I also want to look into restoring the defunct South Bay Hospital. Regarding Proposition A and the fears that a vote in favor of rezoning the power plant land will lead to litigation, I say, "Call their bluff ... AES will leave."

Remember ... Vote for Eric Coleman, Tuesday, Marth 5th!

Eric Coleman

2/25/2013 ..... I have been a resident of Seascape since 2003 and have looked out my window everyday at the crumpling monstrosity of a building at the end of the breakwater. The city should have torn it down years and years ago. I didn't know what a nice view I had until the bull dozer had leveled the building. It would make a very nice park, with tables and maybe a something for kids like a Jungle Gym or Swings.

Helen O'leary, Redondo Beach


2/22/2013 ..... All gone ... GONE!

After two decades of blight the Octagonal Building next to the Redondo Fun Factory is no longer there. I didn't realize what an eye sore it was until it was demolished. Good Riddance!

Steve Shoemaker, Redondo Beach


2/15/2013 ..... There She Goes!

Jerry Rice, Redondo Beach

2/12/2013 ..... NO MAS !

Jose Escobar, Playa Redondo


2/8/2013 ..... It started early this morning and here are a couple of photos taken at noon. Doesn't take long to do what the City couldn't do in two decades. Think of it! Twenty or more years before the deteriorating building could get torn down. It will be nice not to look at it any more.

Jerry Rice, Redondo Beach

2/7/2013 ..... The octagonal building near the Redondo Beach Pier, or on Parcel 10, sustained structural damage in recent winds and is being demolished this week. The Redondo Beach City Council declared the historical octagonal building near the Redondo Beach Pier an “emergency project” on Tuesday night. The building, located on Parcel 10, sustained structural damage in recent winds. Panels fell off, exposing the building’s interior and prompting the city to red-tag the former restaurant. Public Works Director Mike Witzansky told the council Tuesday that the building was “potentially a danger to health and safety in the community” and “potentially unstable enough to fall over at any given time.” The council approved an agreement with New Horizon Contracting to demolish the building immediately and conduct asbestos abatement for a total cost of $61,827.

Easy Reader

2/6/2013 ..... I was on the Boardwalk this morning and got a shot of the "JAWS OF DISTRUCTION"
resting next to the Octagonal Buildiong on Parsel 10. Finally it looks like the decaying eyesore will
be gone. It certainly looks like the machinery will do the job. Time will tell. I'll try to keep you posted.

Should see some real progress in the next few days. Looks like the jaws will just tear the structure apart.
Long overdue!

Jose Escobar, Playa Redondo

2/5/2013 ..... The octagon-shaped building next to the Redondo Beach Pier—also known as Parcel 10—will soon be no more, the city council decided Tuesday night. The building, which has been empty for several years due to structural issues, was further damaged several weeks ago by strong winds in the area, according to Public Works Director Mike Witzansky. "The wind event blew off panelings that structurally surrounded the Parcel 10 building for several years, exposing the interior of the upper floor of the building," Witzansky told the council. "It exposed a condition that we think is potentially a danger to the health (of visitors) … It is potentially unstable enough to fall over at any given time." The council approved an emergency demolition of the building, which will cost the city an estimated $61,827. Witzansky said the Public Works Department will initiate work Wednesday, and that the building would probably be torn down within 10 days.

"We'll remove all the material (and) we'll do our best to get it down to a smooth grade surface, and it will remain a concrete foundation," Witzansky said. "Once we get the material out of there … we can look at how we can beautify the space."

Redondo Patch

2/4/2013 ..... Change ... Well change is wonderful but where do we start? Maybe we can start with the "F" word. NO! Not the one you're thinking but the "F" word which is FUN!

Fun seems to be lost in the myriad of permits, restrictions, government interferance and control. Let's just have some fun. I know how to have fun if you will let me. Why not take the blighted area where the round building is being torn down and make it into something kids will like. Maybe a small skate board park, some playground equipment or kid friendly stuff. This might bring families to the pier area.


2/03/2013 ..... This morning at 8:30 AM the Super Bowl 10K run started under beautiful skies in Redondo Beach. 6,000 plus runners competed in this year's 10K/5K Run/Walk. This ia an annual event sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and several local businesses and held around the harbor in in South Redondo Beach. Every year on Super Bowl Sunday the race is held. Come join the run.

I ran the 10K this year and my wife and son ran the 5K. What a BLAST!

David, Judy & Sam Judd

1/28/2013 ..... The octagonal building adjacent to Kincaid’s and marina Basin III has been damaged in the recent winds. A thorough inspection has indicated that the building needs to be torn down due to structural damage.

As a public safety precaution, the City will close the ramp that transitions from the Pier to the Boardwalk (and vice-versa) around the building until the building is removed. Signage will be added as necessary to direct visitors to the Pier and to the Boardwalk. The demolition will be completed as soon as possible and when complete, the ramp will re-open. We will continue to provide updated information throughout this project. Questions should be directed to Leonardo Management at 424 257-8114.

Pat Mckinsey

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