My True Smile

My true smile
Comes out around selected few
No need to guess
One is definately you
You bring the inner me out
When I'm feeling down
As I begin to fret
A thought of you brings my smile
And I know it's OK
I'll make it through this time
It's just another day
Where I have something to learn
I must accept each lesson
So others may respect
My true smile.
by, James Schafer: Redondo Beach, Ca


Of all our indulgences
I most miss your kiss
The one that steals my breath
The one that drives me mad
When time becomes an empty glass
Our bodies empty shells
No legs, no hands, no eyes
All that we are is liquid
Slung along spiraling tongues
The click of your fine white teeth
The taste of your mouth
Let me live in your kiss
And please
Don't make me
by Caron Andregg: Culver City, CA


I saw a sign tonight.
Tonight I saw a vision.
Magic in the city of Hollywood
Where stars are imbedded in streets
Instead of the heavens.

Stars in concrete . . . feelings in asphalt.

I saw a sign . . . I saw a sign.
Moving in my head
Like a sharp knife.
I saw a sign tonight.

Signs formed with hands
Created by a girl
Reading poetry to the deaf
And . . . to me!
by, Stephen P. Shoemaker Jr., Redondo Beach, Ca.

Fifty-nine is just a decade short of 69

So you've made a little money
Maybe lapped a little honey,
It's not the real fun begins.
Acept this little token,
It's contents yet unspoken,
Taking care to open only with friends.
by, Daniel Blackburn, Hermosa Beach, Ca

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