The Pier

The new, $10,000,000, pier is something to see. Connecting the pleasure pier with the International Boardwalk, the new pier replaced the one destroyed in the terrible fire of 1988. When replacing The Pier the City built a new fishing area where fishermen, fisherwomen and kids can cast their bait into the famous Redondo Canyon. The new Redondo Horseshoe Pier is a short walk from all Harbor Hotels and there is ample parking if you drive. This area is a must see for all visitors and residents alike.

Seaside Lagoon for Family Fun

The Seaside Lagoon is the closest thing to a Hawaii this side of Maui. Now that summer is over the lagoon, which features an enclosed band shell or patio, wide sandy areas and a lawn, is available for private parties. Fully enclosed and gated with plenty of parking at the Redondo Beach Marina, the Seaside Lagoon is the most prestigious outdoor event venue in the South Bay. If you are planning a wedding, birthday or other large gathering and want a truly unique place to hold the event, call the Redondo Parks and Recreation Department for more information at 318-0680.

International Boardwalk

Have you visited the International Boardwalk lately? The International Boardwalk can be found immediately north of the Pier parking lot. A melting pot of 21 shops and restaurants, it is the liveliest area of King Harbor and a favorite place for families to stroll and enjoy the fresh sea breezes and see the harbor sights.

Free Pier Fishing in King Harbor

Did you know that King Harbor has its own fishing pier? It's free, too. Located adjacent to Chillers in the Redondo Beach Marina , the Redondo Sportfishing pier kids enjoy a day of fun while catching mackerel from King Harbor's abundant waters.

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